Steph Pirrie Music

The Hoolie Band

My love of disco and folk music lead to the idea for the original Hoolie Band, We perform an original fusion of funk disco and folk music that's perfect for dancing. Hoolie dances are simple to learn and fun, we teach you everything on the night. Dance freestyle or in groups, it's up to you.

Jazz Folk Project

My next recording project: A collection of folk songs and interpretations of poems lightly influenced by jazz hamonies and melodies. I start recording the collection this summer 2017.

Idle Women

Charlie Henry, Steph Pirrie and Jane Rouse singing original and traditional folk songs about canal life in three-part harmony.

Oxford Canal Festival

Revived in 2016, the Oxford canal festival is a bi-annual celebration of the Oxford Canal and the life that surrounds it. If you'd like to get involved please contact me

The Oxford Canal Folk Opera

Building on the success of the The Oxford Canal Heritage Project Canal Heritage Concert, the Oxford Canal Festival and the Castles and Roses Concert Steph Pirrie, working with artists and performer Charlie Henry is working on a folk opera inspired by the Oxford canal and including many of its characters, stories, music and sounds. To get involved contact steph.

For more information conact Steph on